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Start or Add to Your Collection With Hadley Stoneware Mugs

Must Order by December 3rd to Guarantee Delivery by Christmas

Want a quick and easy way to jump start your Hadley stoneware collection? With dozens of pottery patterns from which to choose, you are sure to find several you canโ€™t live without! Choose from our two most popular sizes: our 8 oz regular mug and our special 12 oz flare style. Itโ€™s much easier to get through the morning with a little help from a Hadley Pottery friend such as Cow, Horse, Frog or a Palm tree or Sailboat, to remind you of where you would rather be!

Select 8 oz. mug and 12 oz. flare mug patterns can also be personalized with your name or other meaningful expression just for you. See our selection of personalized Hadley stoneware mugs.