Summer Seconds Sale - July & August 2020

Factory Seconds By Mail

July 20 - August 31 only!


Did you know that Hadley collectors travel far and wide to visit our factory showroom in Louisville, Kentucky?  Our store is home to thousands of factory seconds, including all of the pieces you see on and more! 


Normally, you would need to visit us in person to purchase these pieces, but for a limited time only we are running our popular Seconds by Mail sale.  We understand many folks have not had the opportunity to travel this summer because of COVID19, so now you can shop in-stock seconds from the comfort of your home by phone or email


Are you local?  Local customers who shop in our store can take advantage of our popular Spin to Win sale for a limited time too!  (Must be present)


Please read the information below for more information before ordering.



What are Seconds?

Second-quality pottery, or “seconds” are pieces with minor cosmetic imperfections.  They could be lighter or darker than normal, have slight painting variations or have some blemishes or pinholes.  We do not sell chipped or broken pieces.  Every piece of Hadley Pottery is hand-made and hand-painted, so each piece is unique in its own way.   Seconds cost 30% less than first-quality items sold online.


How is the Seconds Sale different from ordering online?

When we receive orders online, we make every item to order and only ship “firsts.”  This is why it can take at least six weeks or longer to receive items.  Often, we will make multiples and some of these pieces will be graded as “seconds” and sold in our factory showroom at a discounted price.  Pieces that are graded as first-quality are shipped with internet orders or to our retail partners. 


Can I order Personalized Seconds?

All personalized pottery is made to order.  Any seconds or left overs from these orders are not sold over the phone.  Any new orders for personalization have to be processed and shipped separately from seconds orders.


How do I know what you have in Seconds?

It is nearly impossible to list every single piece that is available, but if you see something you like on our website, there is a good chance we have seconds in our outlet!  If you are looking for discontinued or non-stock patterns such as Skier, Cowboy, or Whale for example, we have several of these pieces available as well.  Contact us for pricing and availability.


How does this sale work?

Seconds are not listed online, so the only way to order is by calling us or emailing your wish list and contact information.  We will take your order and check our showroom for availability.  We will contact you and let you know what is in stock, and finalize your order.  Seconds are already made up, so your order will ship within one week of purchase.





Order by Phone


Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 4:00 PM EST.

We anticipate high call volume as this sale is always popular.

Leave a message for us and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Email Your Wishlist

Please include your contact information and a working phone number!

We will contact you as soon as possible once we have reviewed your list.


Sale runs July 20th - August 31st

Please note -- free shipping is not available on seconds orders.