View a 3-minute video segment on how Hadley Pottery is made, as shown on "Made in Kentuckiana" on WHAS11 TV.

Hadley Pottery is not only decorative and functional, it is extremely durable. The hand-crafted pottery receives its strength from a onetime firing cycle. Each piece is formed much like it was 60 years ago, using clay native to Kentucky and Indiana.

Hadley Clay

The clay used in Hadley Pottery is from the Devonian period, making it over 250 million years in the making. The vein of clay used is actually sandwiched between two 3-foot layers of coal, with a layer of shale rock above the top layer of coal.

Prior to 1994, Hadley's clay was hauled directly from a pit in Indiana in 20-Ton trucks. In 1994, a 13-year stockpile of coal was purchased from Clay City, Indiana and is stored behind the factory itself.

Decoration and single firing process

The decoration is hand painted directly on the green or unfired clay items. Items are then coated with a porcelain-like white glaze by dipping or spraying. The term ―underglaze‖ is often associated with Hadley Pottery—meaning that the whimsical hand painted design is under the glaze, making the decoration permanent. The pottery is fired only one time. This single firing process produces ware with a maximum bond between the body, decoration, and the glaze. When ware is produced by the alternate process of separate firings for the body, the glaze, and the decoration, as is the practice with most dinnerware, the decoration is often subject to abrasion and can be weakened by chemicals in cleaning solutions. This type of ware is likely to be prone to chipping. The single firing process at approximately 2100 degree Fahrenheit results in a sturdy product, which is chip resistant, dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe. Proper care and handling will ensure Hadley stoneware can be used and enjoyed for many years. We recommend not using over direct flame or heat source and avoiding quick changes in temperature.

Unique glazes and “Hadley Blue”

All glazes are compounded and ground on the premises. “Hadley Blue” –our signature color, is vibrant due the combination of cobalt and various metal oxides. The high firing temperature and glazing requirements limit the range of colors but in turn create the ability to produce the highly durable Hadley product. All glazes are completely lead-free and cadmium-free.

Baking with Hadley Stoneware

Learn more about how to safely use Hadley porringers, casseroles, and other baking dishes in the oven. Refer to "Can I bake with my Hadley Pottery?" section in FAQ page.