Take Hadley Pottery Factory Outlet Tour

Tour Time

Factory tour are offered Monday through Thursday at 2:00pm. Please call ahead on the day you wish to take the tour, preferably in the morning. We will confirm staff is available for factory tours. Due to operating conditions in the plant, we can not give tours when the outside temperature is over 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Tour availability may also be limited during the busy days of the Holiday season. For large tour groups (10+ people), please give at least a week's notice when scheduling a factory tour. During the tour at our historic location, you will see the process from raw clay to the final product for use in your home.

How It's Made

Clay is transported inside the factory, where impurities are naturally removed with water. Clay is compressed and converted into “cakes” which are large thick square slabs.

Some Hadley Table Items, including plates are formed with the use of a large press which cuts through the cake to produce flattened curved shapes. Rounded items such as bowls and cups are either jiggered or cast on a potter’s wheel. Other items such as pitchers and figurines require unique molds.

Items are then air-dried, at which time they are called “green-ware.”

Take Hadley Pottery Factory Outlet Tour

Artists hand paint Mary Alice Hadley designs on each piece before a white glaze is applied. Products are then carefully loaded in the kiln. The heating process takes 24 hours. An additional 24 hours is required for cooling.

Can't make it to Louisville? Click here to watch a brief video on how it's made!

Please note that our facility has multiple floors that can only be accessed via stairs, as our building was built in 1840. Our factory showroom is accessible on the ground level. We have one freight elevator we use to transport ware throughout the production process, but it is not available for public use. We apologize for the inconvenience.