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Personalized Cereal Bowl Sale price$40.00
Basic Personalized Lunch Plate Sale priceFrom $68.00
4" Coaster - Beach UmbrellaCoaster - Beach
Coaster - Beach Sale price$19.00
Personalized Flare Mug Sale price$68.00
Personalized Straight Mug Sale price$62.00
Sold out
12 Oz. Flare Mug - LighthouseFlare Mug - Lighthouse
Flare Mug - Lighthouse Sale price$42.00
Sold out
12 Oz. Flare Mug - Beach UmbrellaFlare Mug - Beach
Flare Mug - Beach Sale price$42.00
5" Regular Bowls - LighthouseCereal Bowl - Lighthouse
Cereal Bowl - Lighthouse Sale price$27.00
7" Regular Bowls - LighthouseSoup Bowl - Lighthouse
Soup Bowl - Lighthouse Sale price$43.00
4" Coaster - LighthouseCoaster - Lighthouse
Coaster - Lighthouse Sale price$19.00
9" Lunch Plate - LighthouseLunch Plate - Lighthouse
Lunch Plate - Lighthouse Sale price$34.00
4" Coaster - Palm TreeCoaster - Palm Tree
Coaster - Palm Tree Sale price$19.00
8 Oz. Mug - LighthouseStraight Mug - Lighthouse
Straight Mug - Lighthouse Sale price$36.00
Sold out
11" Dinner Plate - LighthouseDinner Plate - Lighthouse
Dinner Plate - Lighthouse Sale price$44.00
5" Regular Bowls - Beach UmbrellaCereal Bowl - Beach
Cereal Bowl - Beach Sale price$27.00
7" Regular Bowls - Beach UmbrellaSoup Bowl - Beach
Soup Bowl - Beach Sale price$43.00
5" Regular Bowls - CrabCereal Bowl - Crab
Cereal Bowl - Crab Sale price$27.00
Everything Bowl - Beach UmbrellaEverything Bowl - Beach
Everything Bowl - Beach Sale price$32.00
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Mary Alice Hadley's familiar stable of country, nautical, and decorative designs have graced tabletops and homes since before World War II. Discover more about this talented artist and designer and her multifaceted creative output.

The timeless talent that became a family tradition.

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