The focal point of your meal, a plate from Hadley Pottery adds personality to your gatherings.  We offer an array of shapes and sizes, designed to complement each other for a full Hadley place setting, but also special on their own.  So many ways to collect, whether you are partial to one pattern, or each family member having their own, Hadley makes mealtime unforgettable.


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9" Lunch Plate - LambLunch Plate - Lamb
Lunch Plate - Lamb Sale price$34.00
Sold out
9" Lunch Plate - CowLunch Plate - Cow
Lunch Plate - Cow Sale price$34.00
Sold out
11" Dinner Plate - DonkeyDinner Plate - Donkey
Dinner Plate - Donkey Sale price$44.00
9" Lunch Plate - TurtleLunch Plate - Turtle
Lunch Plate - Turtle Sale price$34.00
4" Coaster - Beach UmbrellaCoaster - Beach
Coaster - Beach Sale price$19.00
Sold out
11" Dinner Plate - CowDinner Plate - Cow
Dinner Plate - Cow Sale price$44.00
9" Lunch Plate - DonkeyLunch Plate - Donkey
Lunch Plate - Donkey Sale price$34.00
Basic Personalized Lunch Plate Sale priceFrom $68.00
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11" Dinner Plate - LambDinner Plate - Lamb
Dinner Plate - Lamb Sale price$44.00
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Coaster - Fourth Of JulyCoaster - Fourth Of July
Coaster - Fourth Of July Sale price$20.00
9" Lunch Plate - PigLunch Plate - Pig
Lunch Plate - Pig Sale price$34.00
9" Lunch Plate - DogLunch Plate - Dog
Lunch Plate - Dog Sale price$34.00
Sold out
11" Dinner Plate - DogDinner Plate - Dog
Dinner Plate - Dog Sale price$44.00
Pasta Plate - CowPasta Plate - Cow
Pasta Plate - Cow Sale price$52.00
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11" Dinner Plate - PigDinner Plate - Pig
Dinner Plate - Pig Sale price$44.00
9" Lunch Plate - ChickenLunch Plate - Chicken
Lunch Plate - Chicken Sale price$34.00
6" Bread Plate - CupcakeBread and Butter Plate - Cupcake
Pasta Plate - PigPasta Plate - Pig
Pasta Plate - Pig Sale price$52.00
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Mary Alice Hadley's familiar stable of country, nautical, and decorative designs have graced tabletops and homes since before World War II. Discover more about this talented artist and designer and her multifaceted creative output.

The timeless talent that became a family tradition.

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